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Five articles of  January 2011 issue 40 (1) of the International Journal of Speleology are now online at    (the old website)

 and will soon be available also at

Paola TUCCIMEI, Mark VAN STRYDONCK, Angel GINÉS, Joacquìn GINÉS,Michele SOLIGO, Igor M. VILLA and Joan J. FORNÓS Comparison of 14C and U-Th ages of two Holocene phreatic over growth son speleothems from Mallorca (Western Mediterranean). Environmental implications.

Wesley A. BROWN, Kevin W. STAFFORD, Mindy SHAW-FAULKNER and Andy GRUBBS A comparative integrated geophysical study of Horseshoe Chimney cave, Colorado Bend State Park, Texas.

Antonia Dolores ASENCIO and Marina ABOAL In situ acetylene reduction activity of Scytonema julianum in Vaporcave (Spain).

Ana Sofia Pereira Serrenho REBOLEIRA, Paulo Alexandre Vieira BORGES, Fernando José Mendes GONÇALVES, Artur Raposo Moniz SERRANO & Pedro OROMÍ The subterranean fauna of a biodiversity hotspot region - Portugal: an overview and its conservation.

Joyce LUNDBERG and Donald A. MCFARLANE A note on the occurrence of a crayback stalagmite at Niah Caves, Borneo.

In the next few weeks the issue will be completed. I would also like to remember that since mid December we have online submission of new manuscripts. To submit your manuscript online use the following address:

Once you enter the IJS page you will have to create an account and afterwards the submission should be an easy process.  If you know of people wanting to submit papers please forward this message.

Best wishes
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