Author Topic: Restoration of Perennial Flow in the River Lathkill upstream of Bubble Springs  (Read 94150 times)

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DCA do indeed do a fantastic job and their officers work very hard.

Am I correct in believing that they are also elected to represent cavers' views - surely discussion on a forum is one of the ways to establish what standpoint to represent?

Mmilner - What is the problem that you see with  "NE, EA, PDHMS, Haddon Estates etc. etc. " reading these threads?   (your request that we "leave this" etc.)

Reply 476 from the river keeper seems positive:
"Hi there.Glad to see that people are still interested in this thread. It is at this time of year that it becomes most relevant. Currently there is no flow out of Lathkill Head cave but still good flow in the upper reaches, (Carters Mill), from the springs that rise downstream from the cave. We now dont have water flowing through the whole system due to the losses we incur into the Lathkill Dale sough. If anyone wants to meet up and have a look at the sub-terranial river then please get in touch. Please let us us talk more about this with an open mind. Many thanks, Alec, Lathkill Dale River Keeper."

On the whole, I think these threads shows some intelligent, knowledgeable and reasoned debate - just the sort of thing that decisions affecting our Natural Heritage should involve... (and it is everyone's natural heritage - our taxes fund the government agencies that make the decisions on SSSI's etc.)

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I quite agree. If you want someone to read what you think, the obvious place to write it is somewhere they visit. There's no point in doing it anywhere else. Being aware that they do visit and read simply focusses the mind to write clearly and responsibly.

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Why will the 'restoration of flow' make Lathkill Dale a better place? I like the fact that it changes character as I walk along it from east to west or vice versa. It's never bothered me that the river disappears. It adds interest, it's fairly unique.

It appears to me that a relatively small group, albeit with powerful connections, are trying to convince everyone that the control of flow in Magpie South (which may or may not work) will make the dale a better place.

The only certainty that I can see is that it would make the dale a better place for fish breeding and fishermen.

I'm not for or against the scheme, but I don't think that it should necessarily be funded by the taxpayer, especially with all the current cut backs in funding.

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I'm still waiting for one of the 'Friends' to provide proof that there ever was perennial flow in the Lathkill.....
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This topic will be discussed as part of the officers' reports at the coming DCA AGM on 28th. February.  It has been discussed before but, as yet, there is no definite plan to go forward with the project as originally presented because it appears that various environmental assessments are awaited.  Hence DCA is only able to discuss something which is, as yet, theoretical.  As such, DCA itself does not have a "view" but does have a number of concerns.

Mel, who is DCA's Conservation Officer, is keeping a particularly close watch on this on behalf of DCA.  It's good to know that others are also keeping a close watch and most cavers are aware of the potential problems for caving further up the valley should the whole scheme, as originally proposed, go ahead.  The proposers of the scheme are aware of the potential problems so at present we can do nothing except to keep a close eye on things and try to ensure that our concerns are taken into consideration in any decisions which are made.

If cavers wish to take part in the "consultation" that's up to them.  But the questions as put do seem to be self-limiting and rather simplistic and give no chance to raise issues which are of concern to cavers as a group with a very specific interest in the proposed scheme. 

Jenny Potts,
DCA Hon. Secretary

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I'm still waiting for one of the 'Friends' to provide proof that there ever was perennial flow in the Lathkill.....

You didnt go to the meeting at Aldern House, held specifically for this purpose did you. 

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    • Caves, volcanoes, and outdoor adventure: the Winster Cavers which they failed to prove there was ever perennial flow or, more importantly, that the Lathkill did NOT dry up prior to Magpie Sough being driven.
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Whats the current position on this?just asking out of interest as i have been doing a fair bit in the bradford/lathkill area which has been extremley dry of late. Not wishing to restart debates or antagonize,just interested on the current state.

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There has been very little movement on the proposals over the last few years; although there was talk of trying to get lottery funding for the impact assessments necessary for a planning application nothing ever came of that AFAIK.
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