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Friday Christmas joke
« on: December 16, 2005, 09:50:13 am »
Newly married little wifey was preparing for her first Christmas in her own home when the door bell rang. Answering it she found a binman on the doorstep, grubby hand outstretched and a menacing smile on his uncouth features:-

"Compliments of the season love" he quoth, wittily.

"Are you the driver?" she trilled

"No love - I just scatter the rubbish over your drive"

"Ok then - upstairs quick" and she took him into the bedroom and gave him a good bedhead thumper.

With a satisfied smirk on his face he wandered back to the lorry where he spread the glad tidings to the rest of the crew.

"Get over there lads now - she's giving it away."

So one by one they went over and each returned with a satisfied smirk indicating the deed had been done. Finally the driver himself cottoned on and he went over and rang the doorbell.

"Compliments of the season love" quoth he.

"Are you the driver?" she asked wearily

"Yes love - twenty years I've been driving that lot around"

"Ok - just a minute" she said, rummaged in her purse, and gave the driver a pound coin.

The driver looked at the pound coin in horror

"What game's this? - all the other lads get a good seeing-to and me - the driver - all I get is a pound"

"It's my husband's fault" says wifey - "I'm new to all this so he leaves me notes on what to do before he goes to work. Here's today's - it says:-

'If the binmen call give the driver a pound and fuck the rest of 'em'
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