Author Topic: Warning of JH stability problem and damaged rope in Block Hall  (Read 3943 times)

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Warning received by DCA on 12 April:

"We did a JH to White River and back yesterday and a couple of issues...

"JH:  The netting holding the debris directly above Leviathan last pitch (alt route) below Tea Rooms has deteriorated badly and become detached on left.  I removed several large blocks ready to fall directly onto the pitch but it’s all bulging and not good.

"Peak Cavern:  Also rope at top of Block Hall that goes to the crawl has cut through to core on rub below the final Y-hang.  I've isolated the cut but rope is now tight and hard to get on/off."

The problems have been reported and will be dealt with a.s.a.p. but, be warned, JH is very unstable in places and is difficult to deal with so this may take some time.  As always, take great care in tackling JH and watch out for loose rock at pitch heads.

Jenny Potts,
DCA Hon. Sec.


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