Author Topic: Paperless surveying training, South Wales 18/19 Feb 2017  (Read 425 times)

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Paperless surveying training, South Wales 18/19 Feb 2017
« on: February 27, 2017, 04:48:41 pm »
After the fact, but just for the record:

The Cave Surveying Group held a training meet at SWCC on 18th/19th Feb. 14 people were trained. Andrew Atkinson led the training, with help from Wookey, and Duncan Simey. 
This course has been given in approximately the same form since 2010, and is intended to take people from no particular surveying knowledge to the ability to survey with pockettopo and DistoX, and generate a survey and model in Therion.
Saturday morning was surveying basics and a demo of the PocketTopo software, followed by Saturday afternoon in OFD top entrance, first calibrating DistoXs, then surveying round a 100m loop. We finished off with a pub dinner.

On Sunday morning the basics of Therion were explained, then everyone had a go at importing and drawing up their own data. The principles of version control and the Cave Survey Archive were also explained.

Paul Mann also took his Zeb laser surveyor round the loop, and generated an impressively detailed 98-million point point-cloud survey.

Everyone went away happy with what they had learned.

Thanks to the BCA Training budget for covering trainer's expenses. Allan Richardson for organising, and Andrew Atkinson for doing the training.

If other clubs/areas want such a training, contact Allan or Andrew. We have capacity to do this about once/yr.