Author Topic: 25th Karstological School, June 19th–23rd 2017, Postojna, Slovenia  (Read 530 times)

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Dear colleagues,
We would like to remind you that the deadline for registration and abstract submission for the 25th Karstological School "Classical Karst" – Milestones and challenges in karstology is approaching fast. Please, don't forget register and submit the abstracts until 30th April 2017 via on-line forms:
We are honoured to announce invited speakers:
-          Speleology: Stein-Erik Lauritzen (University of Bergen, Department of Geology, Norway) and Franci Gabrovšek (Karst Research Institute ZRC SAZU, Postojna);
-          Karst Geomorphology: Stéphane Jaillet (Laboratoire EDYTEM - UMR 5204 du CNRS, Université de Savoie, France) and Andrej Mihevc (Karst Research Institute ZRC SAZU, Postojna);
-          Subterranean Ecosystems: Florian Malard (Univeristé Lyon 1, CNRS, UMR 5023 – LEHNA, Laboratoire d'Ecologie des Hydrosystèmes Naturels et Anthropisés, France) and Tanja Pipan (Karst Research Institute ZRC SAZU, Postojna);
-          Karst hydrogeology: Louise Maurice (British Geological Survey, United Kingdom) and Nataša Ravbar (Karst Research Institute ZRC SAZU, Postojna);
-          Karst Record: Christoph Spötl (Universität Innsbruck, Austria) and Nadja Zupan Hajna (Karst Research Institute ZRC SAZU, Postojna);
-          Development challenges on karst: Pierre-Yves Jeannin (Swiss Institute for Speleology and Karst Studies (SISKA), Switzerland) and Martin Knez (Karst Research Institute ZRC SAZU, Postojna);
-          Karstology: Derek Ford (McMaster University, Canada) and Tadej Slabe (Karst Research Institute ZRC SAZU, Postojna).
As usual field trips will be organised during the 25th IKS:
-          Tuesday, June 20th: afternoon tourist visit of Postojna cave
-          Wednesday, June 21st: afternoon field trip Rižana karst spring and its catchment (guided by M. Petrič and N. Ravbar)
-          Thursday, June 22nd: whole day excursion The Škocjan caves – from the cave to the landscape morphology (guided by A. Mihevc and N. Zupan Hajna)
-          Friday, June 23rd: whole day excursion Hydrology, Geomorphology and Speleology of the Ljubljanica Recharge Area (guided by F. Gabrovšek)
More information regarding the 25th IKS can be found on our web page:
We are looking forward to seeing you in Postojna.
Petra Gostinčar
Head of the Organising Committee


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