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  • National Caving School, SRT level 1 and 2 (rigging): July 30, 2017 - August 06, 2017

Author Topic: National Caving School, SRT level 1 and 2 (rigging)  (Read 557 times)

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National Caving School, SRT level 1 and 2 (rigging)
« on: May 04, 2017, 10:29:16 pm »
Romanian Association of Speleological Education
Invites you to participate in
Edition XXVII
Duration: 30.07.2017 - 06.08.2017
Place: Padis area - (Bihor Mountains), Chalet "Cetatile Ponor", Commune Pietroasa (jud. Bihor).
The training will take place on 3 technical levels:
Level 1 (beginners) - Alpine Speleology - TSA 1: Attests to technical capacity
Teamwork of the second and third caves;
Level 2 (Advanced) - Alpine Speleology Technique - TSA 2: Attests to the technical ability of Equipment of the second and third caves;
Level 3 (technical refinement) - Speleological exploration techniques and methods:
Attests the technical capacity to equip the III and IV caves, including the
Climbing and equipping with light materials, scouting underground rivers.
Participation Fee:
 Alpine Speleology -This I Technology, fee 970 lei
 Alpine Speleology - TSA II, fee 970 lei
 Techniques and methods of caving exploration (technical refinement), fee 970 lei
The participation fee (internship fee and accommodation and meals) provides: training,
Collective equipment, access to polygons, final attestation diploma, accommodation (7 nights),
Hot meal per day / program (soup / soup) after arriving from the polygons, access to the room
Tables, bathroom access.
Accommodation facilities:
"Ponor Fortress" Chalet located in the Apuseni Natural Park at an altitude of 1079 m,
Has about 60 accommodation places, a dining room and a terrace, and access by car
Can make it up to the cottage.
Payment of participation fee:
Until 30.06.2017, an advance of 510 lei will be paid by bank transfer,
And the rest of the participation fee will be paid in cash on the spot.
Details of how to pay your participation fee will be received after you complete and
Sending the application form.
Images Cabana Cetatii Ponorului
The hot meal (soup, warm soup) provided in the participation fee is only served after
Arrival from the polygons.
In addition to the meal included in the participation fee, meals will be served through
There is the possibility to serve both breakfast and dinner at the Ponte Delta Chalet
Other additional meals.
General conditions for participation:
 Completing and sending the application form by 30.06.2017, through
Email to:
 Medical certificate with the mention "apt for practice of speleology" (not older
3 months);
 Accident insurance valid during the trainee-ship.
Specific conditions for participation:
 Minimum age 14 years (for trainees under 18, the written agreement is required
Legalized by the notary of the parents);
 Access to TSA II is conditional upon graduation from the TSA I Internship
And promoting a theoretical and practical exam on the first day of the program. Trainees who do not
I get the ADMIS qualification will be able to continue the trainee-ship at TSA level I. Trainees who do not
I get the ADMIS qualification and wish to quit the internship, will be returned to the maximum trainee
50% of the amount of the remaining days until the end. The final amount will be settled in
Depending on each situation;
 Access to the Technical Training Course - is conditional upon prior graduation
The TSA II Internship and the promotion of a practical exam on the first day of the program;
 Individual equipment according to CE / UIAA standards. The list of mandatory equipment is
Will send in circular no. 2 of those who enroll in the internship.
 The size of the school allows a maximum of 36 students, which is why
Registrations will be made in the order of confirmation of payment of the participation fee. For the internship
The minimum number of participants is 3 (three) persons.
 In case of renunciation, the participation fee is refunded 50% only up to
Date of 10.07.2017.
 Persons who do not present in the original or legalized copy at the notary, on the spot,
Accident insurance and medical certificate will not be accepted at the internship!
 Registration is NOT accepted on the spot!
 The SRS Technical Manual can be purchased at a special price of £ 50 / piece only
For participants participating in SNS 2017!
Note: Organizers can provide speculators at the cost of the students
More information:
 SNS officials:
Tudor Marin, E-mail:
Adina Micula, Phone: 0747.323 229, E-mail:
Toth Attila, Phone: 0743 118 368, E-mail:
 Organization team: Diana Popa, Tudor Marin, Adina Micula, Toth Attila.

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