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Student Cavers!!

An opportunity for your Club to win a GRAND PRIZE

 worth over £1,650!!

£300 Starless River vouchers also up for grabs!!

at The CHECC forum 23rd- 25th November

Donated by UKC - 2 full SRT kits including helmet

Ideal for training new cavers in the art of single rope techniques.

Donated by Fenix  :thumbsup: 5 x HL60R headlamps - ideal to light your way!

Donated by Peli  :thumbsup: 10 x 1050 microcases - crushproof, dustproof, waterproof

Donated by Buff  :thumbsup: - 10 Buffs to keep the team warm whilst the pitches are being rigged

Donated by Warmbac  :thumbsup:  2 x Rigger bags - perfect for those SRT kits

Donated by Spanset  :thumbsup: 100m rope - handy for pitches!



CHECC Clubs, for details on how to enter, read on.....

The 'Grand Prize' competition is being held to benefit student caving - therefore the majority of competition entrants should be current students rather than alumni.

In order to qualify to enter the competition each club must:

Post on the thread 'Our CHECC Club 2018' tell your fellow caver about your club.  For those clubs who entered last year we're interested to hear what you've been up (down) to these past 12 months -  Successes/difficulties with recruiting/funding/training/trips/expeditions??  For those clubs new to The Grand Prize, tell us about your club - history, famous alumni, current activities, training, expeditions etc, etc. 

Student Clubs play an important role in introducing people to caving - how many new cavers joined your club this year, how did you encourage students to join your club??  The reports posted last year made interesting reading and I urge those that haven't to take a look at

The best write up, as judged by Badlad and Pegasus wins 10 points, the runner up 5 points.  One entry per club and posted by 10pm, Saturday 24th November.

The Club that scores the highest number of points - wins! Here's how to score more points:

1)   Help to promote  Put posters up in suitable locations where potential cavers might see them.  Link New to
      Caving to suitable websites.  New to Caving was designed to inspire and encourage new people to our sport - help us spread the
      word! The Club that does the best job of promoting New to Caving wins 30 points, the runner up 15 points.  Post photographic
      proof on the following thread:
      Posters are available from us (PM me), Inglesport, Starless River and various club huts. 
      Post links on this thread, where you will also find logos/banners:
      Don't forget to mention your club!

£100 Starless River voucher to winner!!

2)   Best photograph - this year's subject is 'Water'.  Post on the 'CHECC best cave photograph 2018 Forum' thread.  To be judged by
      Tommy Moore, thanks, Tommy  :thumbsup:.  Entries in by 10pm, November 24th.  Max 5 entries per Club, however don't forget to
      mention your Club!  Winner 20 points, runner up 10 points.

3)   Best video on any aspect of caving.  Post on the 'CHECC best cave video 2018 Forum' thread.  To be judged by James Moore, thanks
      James  :thumbsup:.  Entries in by 10pm, THURSDAY, November 22nd.  Please refer to the 'Best Video' thread for the guidelines. One
      entry per Club, however don't forget to mention your Club!  Winner 30 points, runner up 15 points. Max 1 entry per club.


4)   Design a poster/pop up banner all CHECC Clubs could use at their Freshers' Fair.  Maybe we could get the winner's printed for use by
      all clubs next year?  Enter by posting on the 'Cave Poster' thread under CHECC.   To be judged by Pegasus.  Entries in by 10pm
      Saturday 24th, November.  Again, don't forget to mention your Club. Winner 20 points, runner up 10 points. Max 1 entry per club.

5)   Design a new logo for BCA.  Can't promise the winner's version will be adopted by BCA, however hoping you come up with so many
      great ideas BCA's biggest problem will be choosing which one is most suitable!  Note - Next don't use a jumper in their logo, adidas
      don't use a trainer, so BCA logo doesn't necessarily have to include stal, abseiler, cave etc.  Winner 30 points, runner up 15
      points. Post on BCA logo thread under BCA, don't forget to mention your club.  Max 1 entry per club.

6)  Knot tying - tie 3 knots in the fastest time - knots to be disclosed at the Forum. Unlimited number of entries per club. 5 points to the
     winner's nominated Club, 3 points to the runner up's nominated Club.

7) SRT obstacle course - fastest safe completion of the course.  5 points to the winner's nominated Club, 3 points to the runner up's Club

8 ) Squeeze box - 5 points for the tightest squeeze and 3 points for best effort as judged by the marshal to the winner's nominated Club.

9 ) Pan & sling - 5 points to the winner's nominated Club, 3 to the runner up's Club.

10)  Full body traverse - 5 points to the winner's nominated Club, 3 to the runner up's Club.

(Entrants to 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 to be current students.  Alumni may help with other tasks).

11) Lucky prize draw - winner 20 points, 1st  runner up 15 points, second runner up 5 points.  Each delegate will be given an individually numbered UKC raffle card when registering at the Forum. The 'raffle' will be drawn Sunday morning at the Forum - the winner/runner up may nominate which Club their points go to.

12) Each qualifying club gets to nominate 10 points to another club of their choice (not themselves!). 
       Clubs may nominate tactically or altruistically.

Any questions, please post on this thread.

We would very much appreciate it if you would please share this post on facebook, thank you  :thumbsup:

Good Luck!!  ;D

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