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Copper and Copper Mining (R.L.Atkinson)
« on: November 18, 2018, 08:56:29 pm »
“Copper and Copper Mining” by R.L. Atkinson (1987) 1st Edition

Copper mines (especially in the UK) are known to be extremely pretty. Where the copper blooms, there is often an abundance of other minerals to flood riot through the permeable rock. In turn, we (as underground explorers) are frequently treated to formations comprised of bright blues (copper sulphates, silicates), bright greens (copper carbonates), bright yellows (sulphurs) … the list goes on and on … sometimes including occurrences of that wonderstuff – gold! Well, perhaps just fool’s gold (pyrites).  Still, we can expect unending variations of éclat’s to please the mind and tickle our imagination.

This little book of only 32 pages is wonderful companion to this dazzling playground. Covering all aspects of copper mining including its history, techniques and locations; the reader is lead through the facts that form the rudimentary base of the imagination that explodes when we visit these abandoned places. Coupled with photographs and simple diagrams, this book has earned its place within the library of intrigue.

A short tome of copper essence.



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