Author Topic: Misc books, SRT hardware, clothing and kit etc for sale  (Read 302 times)

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Misc books, SRT hardware, clothing and kit etc for sale
« on: July 27, 2019, 11:40:08 am »
Having moved to a house with less storage space and the realisation that I am unlikely to cave again have various items for sale.
Please make reasonable offers.  I am based in Shenley, Radlett Hertfordshire so collection/delivery needs to be sorted.

All the metal items are used but in reasonable condition but are circa 25 years old - none have had a shock load.

Over and under suits in almost pristine condition - worn very few times no cuts or nicks.

Karst & Caves of Great Britain         First edition 1977         Waltham, Simms, Farrant & Goldie (there is a copy on eBay for £145)      
Northern Caves          Volume 1    3rd Edition 1979      Brook, Cox, Davies & Long      
4 ring bolts with M/R's                         
8 Petzl twist hangers (7 with 8 mm bolts)                        
Chrome vanadium spanner size 13 ring and normal ends                        
9 M/R's       7 mm misc opening               
7 Faders P DRU snapgate carabiners                        
1 DMM snapgate                        
6 Faders P DRU screwgate carabiners                        
1 DMM screwgate                        
1 clog screwgate                        
1 clog pear shaped screwgate carabiner                        
Petzl stop descender                        
Petzl chest ascender                        
Petzl jammer (with short opening M/R)                        
Petzl long handled jammer (right hand)                        
Meander Oversuit - size 3 B                        
Meander Polartec undersuit                        
Wet socks size 9                        
Caves & Caving         Issue 41               
Descent         82, 84, 89 & 166

PM for further details, photos etc and offers.