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Car Crime Awareness
« on: February 17, 2003, 04:04:56 pm »
OK all, this is something that hopefully needs no reminding, however I felt in light of Ralph Johnson's post on uk.rec.caving, it is something worth reiterating:

 :arrow: "Last Wed a group (CCPC) were about to go down Sidetrack Cave (Eldon Quarry)
when a white Peugeot estate with roof rack (Reg T or J) with 2 passengers
pulled up and appeared to be showing interest in their cars. They decided to
investigate at which point the car disappeared at speed. The group were
sufficiently concerned to do the cave in 2 shifts while the other half
the vehicles. Could be nothing but if you are caving in the area it might
to be cautious.
Ralph J."

Remeber folks, this applies to leaving your vehicle in all areas whilst caving, so just take the relevant precautions...... I personally have witnessed similar behaviour whilst parked at the Maskhill/Nettle/Oxlow layby. :!:


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