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New Goyden - dive - 23/07/2016 (part 2)
« on: July 25, 2016, 09:30:20 pm »
After a short walk with kit we came to sump 1 as James Bond would say shaken not stirred we looked for a tie off point and I decided to once more have a go at finding the onwards route I'm never going to get any better at route finding if I do not do it. Cracking spike for a tie of found to the right of the sump the three broken lines should have been a giveaway to what it was going to be like In there but as always my mind was on pre dive checks. I enter the water with hopes of glory in mind but sadly it was not to be the start of the sump you swim under some low bits of rock to the left to find the main passage. After two or three tie offs the sump is a sand floor and the odd rock but vis was poor as the cloud of dirt followed me down stream. Out of the cloud appeared blue farmers rope from the left like a octopus lunging for a afraid fish it came at me I shit my pants moving to the right and saying to myself in my head keep the hell away from that shit. My plan was to find my path onwards tie off then return from the air bell and cut the old line and drag it back to dry land to be taken out and tell CC about it and be the hero of the day. I had all but dogged the line in the low area of the sump when my leg and fin where gripped by the blue death I think at this point a real nugget of poo came out from last nights kebab. After having a wee word with myself and the mandatory trash about trying to remove it I pulled of a move that a grand master yoga God would have been proud of a bit like a diving Boston crab on myself and managed to unhook the line from my fin and it cams of my leg. My wish to get to that air bell was all the more important now as it would need time for the flow to clear vis for my return so that I could clear the line after a lot of looking in bad vis I was starting to fret about the return I was in a bigger part of the sump now but vis was poor. Out of the gloom like a hero on a horse my trancelvanian cave diving Dracula appeared and mutters something into his regs that I translated into "get the f£&k back to dive base blue line everywhere" I've not asked CC but I hope that's what he was saying the return was easy due to CC removing the blue rope of doom from under the log it was hooked up to. A quick change of reels and CC was blazing the trail and with flash we where in the air bell between sump 1 and 2 a large roomy air bell about 8m long and 4m wide with drips that sound like zilaphones when they drop and a buzzing like a lawnmower when really quiet. I was cold and the voice In my head was saying this cave has got you twice Ewan third time it's going to get lucky I inspect the 200m odd of blue, orange and yellow farmers line that CC had dragged out of sump 2 and that was it I was done for today other than my return legs not a massive issue as I was 40bar from my turn point but I could bypass middle sump but dragging kit into the bypass chamber with no bags would have been a ball buster big time. CC had gas and as always keen to explore and with a I'm just going to see how much line is in sump 2 he was gone and I was all on my tod

TBC - got more time tomorrow night will add last bit  CC will add info and photos when he has time

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Re: New Goyden - dive - 23/07/2016 (part 2)
« Reply #1 on: July 26, 2016, 02:59:23 pm »
Worth mentioning on my first attempt at sump 1 I got as far as 5-7m inside the sump where I lost the way, surfacing back in the entrance. The sump goes along few rifts, and to get to the other side it's a bit tricky by swimming from one rift to the other. Swimming in zero visibility didn't help either   :)
Bellow few photos:

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Re: New Goyden - dive - 23/07/2016 (part 2)
« Reply #2 on: July 26, 2016, 03:47:48 pm »
Good report. It reminds me to stay away from this diving lark.
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