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    rubicera to mortero d'astrana - how long?

    Got a short trip to Cantabria coming up next week and trying to figure out what trips to do. I have suggested this traverse but some of the others don't want to do much more than 5 hour trips. The English trip reports suggest this trip should be 5 to 6 hours but I have just translated some...
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    Birks fell tomorrow

    We are sat in the bluebell Inn having a heated debate about doing Birksfell tomorrow. Forecasted possible heavy rain overnight and fine tomorrow afternoon. We know the cave is unsafe in wet weather but does anyone know how quickly it responds to rain. We are hoping there's not much rain and we...
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    Hidden Earth England v Wales

    Just looking at the rugby world cup fixtures and see that England are playing Wales at 8pm on Saturday 26 September. I think this would be awesome on a big screen at hidden earth with both sides well represented and a well stocked bar, any one else agree? Is there any chance of this happening or...
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    grange rigg info

    Got a permit for Grange rigg/christmas this weekend but weather looking pretty dodgy at the moment so was wondering If the dales have avoided most of the rain. Looking at the forecasts it seems dryish on Friday and Saturday morning so was wondering if it is possible to do a pull through in...
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    le travers le karst

    Hi, I was going to order a couple of books from Expe but the postage is 17 euros so makes it a tad expensive. Don't suppose anybody is selling a copy of these books or knows a good place to buy them from. Le travers le karst (2002) Tour de l'Europe en Canyon - Les plus belles descentes (2007) Cheers
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    priddy folk festival

    Hello, we are planning next years progamme and someone suggested going to Mendip when the folk festival is on and caving during the day and going to the festival saturday evening. Having never been i'm just wondering if this is a good idea or not, ie, is there loads of traffic, are the caves...
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    Bradford Winch meet

    Just been checking the Bradford website as i'm stuck on my own and trying to find something to do this Sunday. It says that the routes will be rigged for SRT from sat 22nd May. Is it ok to turn up on Sunday and use the ropes even though the winch meet doesn't start till next weekend? I'm...
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    Stolen bolts at Masson Quarry     Climbers accuse cavers of stealing bolts from Masson Quarry.  :thumbsdown:
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    County Fermanagh caving

    Hi, I'm trying to organise a long weekend in Ireland in May and am after some accomadation. The Aghnahoo hut is mentioned on the SUI website but I can't find any info on it. Does any one know if you can book it or is it more of a bothy type place. Thanks for any help.
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    Glenn in Vercors

    Hi Glenn, Hope you are having a good time out in the vercors. Just wondering how warm it is over there and what is the smallest sleeping bag I can get away with? Also do you need wetsuits? We are struggling with weight limits at the moment so I am trying to cut back on stuff. Cheers Tam
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    Tick borne encephalitis

    Hi, I have been reading up on Slovenia recently as we are going caving there in October and it recommends being vaccinated against Tick borne encephalitis. I know a fair few people have been to Slovenia and I was wondering if anybody bothered to get vaccinated or it is nothing to worry about. I...