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    Acess to user menues mobile phone

    I'm trying to change my password but don't seem able to acess my profile settings thro' my phone -can anyone help this thick twit?
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    Caves in the Breacons.

    Could anyone tell me where "the toilet" is? please I would be much appreciated
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    T shirt logo(if still going)

    Just seen Chris Chuorots' profile photo in Surveying Section If this was animated with two big eyes and grinning teeth don't you think it would make a teriffic breast logo on a dark shirt with (simply) and a stal for embelishment. :clap2: Chris wins!!!
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    National in group courier possibilities

    It seems we have a national link throughout the British Isles of active cavers (etc) is there no way of forming a courier link so that transactions can all be decided at the point of buy and sell.It would maybe require drop/collection points and possibly a pay pal petrol payment..:just a thought...