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    Historical reports from visitors

    Not sure if your italics were drawing attention to a visit in a mine giving info (rather than mine captain's survey or notes) but the "official" records were probably kept secret in case their shareholders read them 😄. Or whether you meant by that that mine info found new cave (Titan and so...
  2. Cantclimbtom

    Eldon hole ice

    There must be.. but it's blocked. The water cutting that slot had to have gone somewhere.. but WHERE?? 🤔
  3. Cantclimbtom

    Eldon hole ice

    Well... It's cold down there so hard to estimate how fast the melt, but looked definitely smaller that the pictures of "Alum" 🤣 posted earlier, so dunno, gone in a month?? Oh . And pwhole's recommendation for the North end looks very interesting!!! Very interesting indeed. The residents seemed...
  4. Cantclimbtom

    Eldon hole ice

    It's melting fast, this is how it looked this lunchtime, if you want to play in the snow, don't leave it too long
  5. Cantclimbtom

    Wretched Rabbit Entrance Repairs

    I was wondering the same from that pic, but too scared to ask until you raised it
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    Croesor Rhosydd - Boat is stuck

    In Feb half term last year with my son, it was tied to boat on at one end (front, facing Rhosydd) and the pull cord had been left on the wrong side, presumably the last people found it easier to get out of the boat like that closer to the "shore". So when I pulled it, it was getting snagged on...
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    Caving Suit Colours

    I mine not cave but I have a blue boiler suit, it goes through a rainbow shades of blues, wetter shades of blue, greys patches, browns, ochre-browns and filthy browns. I colour coordinate and accessorise it with my surroundings. I like to think that makes me look good
  8. Cantclimbtom

    Do you ever find treasure underground?

    Not a bottle collector myself, but I like that Tilley lamp, that brings back memories of when I was a kid those things put out loads of light, like nothing else I had access to. Memories like being 11 and owning a feeble Duracell torch where the top flipped up and we were all too scared to walk...
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    Do you ever find treasure underground?

    It is, that's no rock.. he's just rolled a huge glob of bubblegum over some cornflakes and think he's fooling us
  10. Cantclimbtom

    Do you ever find treasure underground?

    Mines rather than cave... but off the beaten track you just might find a decaying wooden box with some sticks of "treasure". I don't take pics and walk back away very gently. Sometimes there are things *not* to find if you go looking, although I wouldn't share details with someone asking that...
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    Eldon hole ice

    Shouldn't you do that about 13:00 (12:00 GMT) or you might have to go back and re-measure
  12. Cantclimbtom

    Eldon hole ice

    Well it's not exactly the Sphinx (https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Snow_patches_in_Scotland) but there are documented/validated reports of all year round snow in the bottom of Eldon hole a couple of times in 1940s, I think one in the 60s and maybe 2010?
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    Cilcychwyn Manganese Mine - an Easter trundle

    I didn't think people did trip reports on this site, greatly enjoyed reading, thanks
  14. Cantclimbtom

    Climbing technique in a narrow vertical shaft

    reading with interest.. I have the clumsy idiot extra plastic catch on my pantin in case I let my toes drop while bringing up my leg (which I'm repeatedly reminded is compensation for poor technique) . Wondering if that is helpful in a tight slot as the pantin won't detach -- or a liability as...
  15. Cantclimbtom

    Dyserth Mine Dog Thing

    The one in need of a better fence