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    Advice needed - smoking battery charger.

    It's either a rectifier failure or a transformer failure. To diagnose, disconnect one output leg from the transformer. When plugged in again, if the transformer stops smoking, it's the rectifier. You need to check If there's still some output from the transformer, use a car bulb, should light...
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    How to repair this wetsuit leg?

    Just glue it together with wet suit/neoprene glue.
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    Sunglasses found at Ireby Fell

    Very useful piece of caving equipment
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    Wedding ring lost in Buxton

    One wonders why he might have taken it off.
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    Best timber for stemples?

    Greenheart is used for dock timbering in harbours
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    Cave eel

    Size doesn't matter
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    Anyone Got a Cave, Passage, Formation to Name?

    "Jubilee" Cave, Passage? etc?
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    Silly question about Leicestershire Slate

    There's a large Boulder lying next to the A453 if you take M1 J23a Northbound
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    Knee Ascender/Stairwalking SRT

    When I was last caving many years ago I used precisely the method described for multi pitch mostly vertical trips in major European caves. Also larger pitches in the UK. It was very fast in part because I used to be extremely fit. As I remember the setup consisted of an original roprwalker, an...
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    Flat tyres

    Some years ago when caving in the Julian Alps between Yugoslavia and Italy we found lots of old boots on what used to be a WW1 battlefield, You could also see where shells had burst on the crags.
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    Using a 7m Telescopic Ladder

    If anyone decides to use a telescopic ladder, take great care to ensure all the treads are properly locked. In a cave or mine environment, mud and grit could easily stop them from working properly. I took a fall from one, fortunately not too far but could easily have broken my leg which went...
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    Hydrologist Needed for a One Off Job, (Commercial). River Flooding

    I know there are Hydrologists on here please?
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    Diver out to get those boys

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    Ghyll House Farm Near Grassington/Mossdale Info Please

    I spent some time years ago digging on the moors between Langcliffe and Mossdale. We used to pass by Ghyll House Farm which is now demolished but was still standing in the 1980's. It had a pub sign on it and some artifacts inside from it being used as a film set. Anyone know what the film was...
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    I have a small surface surveying project to do. Software Help Please.

    I have a less than one acre site to survey with tape and/or theodolite. I want draw a plan with heights as contours or spot heights. What cheapo and easy software is recommended?