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Recent content by JAA

  1. J

    Rockfall heard in Notts Pot

    I was in Illusion when the quarry blasted once. I can confirm that was indeed a terrifying noise.
  2. J

    Five Ways Pot, Dowlass Moss, Ingleborough

    That looks very promising indeed!! Still happy to come and bucket haul!
  3. J

    Fing Hopeless Pot - diggers rewarded

    I’ll second that! Great to see brilliant results and also an openness in sharing them! If you ever need an extra pair of midweek hands I’m often free!
  4. J

    Encouraging and enthusing children to try caving

    As a long time caver I?d love to encourage my daughter who is 9 to come along on some easy trips! An outing yesterday had mixed results but was mostly positive! Main worries seemed to be cold feet and self confidence! I guess my question is, what are parents top tips for firing and...
  5. J

    For Sale - Diving bits and bobs

    Streamlining the amount of stuff I?ve accumulated! 1 x Poseidon Cyklon 300 with a metal 2nd stage and a contents guage on a new short hose. Good condition, probs due a service etc. ?125 2 x BigBlue AL1200NP dive torches. These are the best torches I?ve ever used! Used about 4 times! RRP of...
  6. J

    Shameless marathon sponsorship request!

    Hello! My friend is running the Manchester Marathon on Sunday for a charity which is very close to both of us. Her little boy was born with a congenital heart defect (I was born with a hole in mine - not as some exes would claim, and entire absense of one..) If anyone could spare even a couple...
  7. J

    Free to good home (for the cost of postage) Scurion spares

    As my Scurion has permanently departed to pastures new.. I have a box of spare O rings, a 4 cell spare battery, some odd screws, replacement lens and Scurion charger etc. Not sure how much life the battery will give as have never used it but it does hold charge and work. If someone can make use...
  8. J

    Stake Pot area Lancaster Hole potential warning

    Evening, Whilst picking a route through the stake pot Boulder choke area at stream level today, signs of what appeared to be recent collapse were noted. Whilst things appeared to have settled down, clearly it?s wise to be cautious as despite this being a well travelled area it has obviously...
  9. J

    Layering V Furry suit

    I have a feeling this has been asked before but.. I?m tending slightly towards the idea of layered up clothing rather than a furry as a compromise and for a little more tailored climate control on longer trips. What are folks using as trousers? Sallopete wise a lot of stuff seems rather bulky...
  10. J

    Wanted - Nora / El Speleo / Scurion etc

    After accidentally chucking away my Scurion is anyone flogging a similar style replacement? Ta Jamie
  11. J

    Lost Ecrin Roc and Scurion - Devis Mine Swaledale

    White Petzl helmet with a battered Scurion and some Princeton tech dive torches put down whilst getting changed yesterday and now sadly vanished? Not a popular place for cavers so I suspect it?s gone for good but if anyone comes across one for sale?
  12. J

    Rob Dalby

    As many will by now know, sadly Rob Dalby of the CDG and former YSS member has died following a diving accident off the Scilly Isles. He has not yet been located but is not alive. Rob and myself along with Colin Pryer joined the CDG together almost 20 years ago and he was an active caver and...
  13. J

    Sleets Gill - Rather specific request for info

    Morning, Does anyone know if a Topo survey exists for Sleets Gill? Alternatively during flood conditions when the main cave is filled, does anyone have any idea of the distance from the water surface at the entrance to reach a point which would create airspace throughout the main passage. Eg...
  14. J

    Short bit of archive rescue footage

    https://youtu.be/Swrr1aG8XZo Anyone recognise anyone or the location? I thought perhaps Jim Eyre on the phone? I never met him but the nose seems familiar?
  15. J

    Wanted - Nova battery box lid...

    It?s a long shot but if anyone happens to have a Speleotechnics Nova battery box lid they?d like to replace I seem to have misplaced mine. Oops. Cheers James