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  1. Lampwick

    Masson Quarry For Sale ... again

    Sign spotted on Salters Lane...
  2. Lampwick

    TopoDroid doing awkward station numbering

    It's in Android settings > App manager. Close the app, go to phone/tablet settings then App Manager. Click Topodroid and there should be a Delete Cache option.
  3. Lampwick

    TopoDroid doing awkward station numbering

    The symptoms you describe were reported to Marco a couple of years ago, it's all down to how Android caches data files. The only work-around is to delete the app cache before starting a new survey.
  4. Lampwick

    Devonshire Cavern Graffiti

    Spotted an isolated bit of graffiti in Devonshire yesterday (Sat 19th) but didn't have anything with me to remove it. It's in the upper chamber (up-dip from main chamber, avoid hole on left and through narrow bit, then next left). We were having a faff on ropes so didn't do the full tour, but...
  5. Lampwick

    Oxlow Trespass Fee

    I'm planning a trip to Oxlow but it's been a while since my last visit, so a few questions... What's the current trespass fee? Is parking at the farm still an option, and if so what's the fee for that? Is it OK to leave fees on the window cill if there's no reply at the door? Has the barky dog...
  6. Lampwick

    Water Tippler Design

    Has anyone got a design for a water tippler? The device I'm wanting to build is one that fills a bucket or tank from a small flow that tips over when it's full to give a flush of water. I'm told there was one in Cadbury Crawl (Peak Cavern) and another in Merlin Mine (Stoney M), so if anyone's...
  7. Lampwick

    Found: Krab in Nickergrove Mine

    Yep, found another on the second pitch of the through-trip.  Will soon have found enough to rig Oxlow, just need some rope...
  8. Lampwick

    Found: Krab in Jugholes

    Krab found in hanger at head of climb down to lower series. Nuff said.
  9. Lampwick

    Found: Krab in P8

    Found: One Krab in P8 below Idiot's Leap. I've got some like it already and think they're crap, so please somebody, either claim it if it's yours, or just guess the colour of the tape if anyone fancies lucky dip.
  10. Lampwick

    Found - Sewn Sling in Old Gell's

    Subject line says it all really, but here goes... Found, one short sewn tape sling, Old Gell's Mine in Via Gellia. Nuff said.