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    Friday joke - WARNING - contains swearing.

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    Not cave gates!

    Devonshire, Matlock Bath, has/had a combination lock fitted, was trashed, and another one fitted and, last time I was there had either been picked or left open. To be successful I think they need to be fairly robust. I've had one of these on my kayak securing cable for a while, and on my garden...
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    Newdoar descender

    Looks very similar to this.
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    Devonshire padlock

    I was down Devonshire on Friday evening and found the padlock on the top entrance had been forced open and was so damaged it wouldn't relock.
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    Slate mining video

    Found this on the BBC.
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    Mouldridge Mine

    Am I correct in thinking that, with Mouldridge being on CROW land, there is no need to call the farmer first or is that still done as a courtesy? Also, I presume that visitors park on the wide grass verge across the road from the gate (right hand, small gate) taking care not to block access?
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    Re-starting scout caving.

    Has anyone started taking scout groups caving since the easing of restrictions? If so, any issues, examples of good practice. Advice that I have received from HQ reads that you can, but do you have to, and, if you do and it goes pear shaped we will hang you out to dry. No wish to be...
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    Cave in Biggin Dale

    Out walking today I visited a cave in the lower part of Biggin Dale, on the true left bank of the dale. It's marked on the OS map but I can't find any reference to it in any of my editions of COPD. There was a definite sound of water dripping from deep within. Anyone have any information please?
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    Scout Caving Review from HQ

    No doubt many of you will have received this email from HQ. Hi We are contacting you as a permit holder or assessor listed on Compass for Caving or Mine Exploration. As part of an ongoing review of the rules and guidance to manage activities we are currently looking at underground activities...
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    Ecrin rocs for sale

    If you have followed the thread about retiring our caving helmets well, here they are. There are 13 Petzl Ecrin Rocs, all of which are at least 10 years old. They have been solely used to take Scout Groups down venues like Devonshire, Jug Holes, Long Churn. They have been used, on average, about...
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    Caving Helmets

    One for the Scout Cave Leaders please. Our County (Staffordshire) caving helmets are mostly Petzl Ecrin Roc. They are 10 years old. If we follow Scout advice on retiring equipment, we should follow the manufacturers recommendations, which for Petzl helmets is 10 years. So, should we do the right...
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    Found in Devonshire

    Vehicle key found in Devonshire.
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    I was down Devonshire last Sunday (the first time for a few months). I noted that the galvanised dust bin had been squashed flat and the wooden cross-piece with the clamps (telegraph cable) at the top of mud hall had been moved and snapped in half. I'm not sure when, or why, this has happened.
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    Olympus TG2 for sale.

    Having bought a TG4 I now have my trusty TG2 for sale. Black, with a red lens surround. It has never been down a cave as it has been used on my canoeing trips. Includes a 2 Gb SanDisk card and a soft case. There is some light scuffing on the body and a small scratch on one of the re-enforced...
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    Petzl Stop for sale

    I have a used but good condition Petzl Stop for sale, the one with the plastic latch. 20 pounds including postage.