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  1. shortscotsman

    Gate on Cathole Cave, Gower

    as we can see there is now a very impressive gate on cathole cave on Gower. I'm not sure if I would argue with the need for this particular gate, HOWEVER, i think it would be good practice for gates to give some info regarding who erecting them and how to contact if access is required.  I...
  2. shortscotsman

    Ogof Pasg : tatty rope

    The rope  on the sump bypass in Ogof Pasg is looking pretty tatty.  There is a knot about 3m off the ground where it looks like someone has mended a dodgy bit. It doesn't look too clever just below the knot either.  I don't think the knot would be obvious from above.  So if anyone is going...
  3. shortscotsman

    Meader PVC oversuit size 1B

    Size 1B.  I bought this second hand but unused.  I've used it four or five times on short/medium length trips. (2-3) but its just too small for me.... Excellent condition ; small scuff marks on chest pocket. The sizing chart is at http://www.hitchnhike.co.uk/acatalog/meander_pvc_oversuit.html ...
  4. shortscotsman

    Lost(?) in llygad Llwchwr: red tackle bag

    Hi, I'd left a red tackle bag with rope (30m) plus some slings next to the 2nd river chamber last week  [friday 28th). When I returned tonight (6th) it was gone.... It spoiled my weekend even more than watching the rugby on saturday.  Anyone any idea who might have it?  It anyone has been...
  5. shortscotsman

    For Sale: Petzl Duo 14LED

    Hi, Petzl Duo 14LED for sale.  Fully working in decent condition. Will post in BDH container. price 40 pounds +3pounds postage
  6. shortscotsman

    Poo in a cave

    Hi, had a poo in a cave this week.  I used a pack that I'd been given in the USA (free) for use in hiking in wilderness and had been carrying around for some time.  It has a zip-close bag to contain the poo which should keep from contaminating anything.  The pack , I think, is the same as...