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  1. Sid

    Has Facebook Won ?

    Polite reminder of this fine log collection https://www.mcra.org.uk/logbooks/
  2. Sid


    I use a Epson V750 (the Wookey Hole Archive was done on this) for most jobs and a Nikon LS40 35mm. The biggest improvements come from the software and https://www.silverfast.com/ is highly recommended.
  3. Sid

    Browns Folly Mine

    Genuine question - is it Browns or Brownes? The Avon Trust could not clarify and maps show both. The original owner was Wade-Browne.
  4. Sid

    ATLAS Digging Log

    The ATLAS digging log for 2021 is now available on MCRA. http://www.mcra.org.uk/logbooks/index.php?/category/ATLAS/Digging_Log_Archives
  5. Sid

    Len Coltham

    Len Coltham passed away on April 7th. He was a member of MNRC and dug with ATLAS in the late 90's. RIP 1964 - 2019 Honeymead Hole by MCRA, on Flickr
  6. Sid

    23 years ago today......

    Remembering the first Swildons - Priddy Green exchange trip. Only 23 years ago today! Swildons Priddy Green breakthrough team by MCRA, on Flickr
  7. Sid

    Holy Well ,Wookey Hole

    MCRA have kindly been given access to the photo archive at Wookey Hole and we will be working on this for next few weeks. Can you help solve this mystery in Chamber 4 and the Holy Well? It appears the lady is removing an 'egg' from the well and placing it in the river. Any clues as to why...
  8. Sid

    Willets Lane, Mendip

    Willets Lane Hole solo digging final chapter (at least until the summer...) on Valentine's day 2018 With more drilling & P&F I made it into the final chamber about 8m or so below the historic lower chamber. It was very wet on Mendip in the Chewton Mendip area and the cave was very drippy &...
  9. Sid

    For Sale - Rab Women's Neutrino Plus Jacket

    Women's Rab Neutrino Plus Jacket for sale in wonderful cerise https://rab.equipment/uk/neutrino-endurance-jacket-63 Size 16 and in as new condition. It has been worn by my good lady but due to the power of weight watchers no longer fits her. Free delivery on Mendip and yours for ?70
  10. Sid

    Info reqd on ACE

    This photo was in an album held at Frome Museum and kindly lent to MCRA for scanning Any info on ACE (club?) appreciated. No date for the photo but around mid 50s. http://tinyurl.com/zvqwjer Thank you
  11. Sid

    Frome Museum, Mendip - in September

    September will bring a new large exhibition which will be about the archaeological investigation of a cave in Stoke St Michael, named Brownes' Hole after the excavator from Frome who  then donated his photographs and bone collection to the museum. For more information call the museum on 01373...
  12. Sid

    Swildon's / PGS remembered

    On June 5th 1996 the first trip connecting Swildon?s Hole and Priddy Green Sink took place. To commemorate the 20th anniversary Tony Jarratt?s log for that day tells the events of that fine evening both for caving and the as he describes it the ?Glorious weather? we enjoyed. Swildon?s Hole /...
  13. Sid

    Canon 5D Mk2

    Camera For Sale - Canon 5D mk2 body. I have owned this from new and it is in very good condition and with only 5500 on the shutter. Due to healthy cash back from Canon on my upgrade i can offer this at ?400 Comes with battery, charger, mem card and original box. Collect from Mendip if...
  14. Sid

    Francis Graham Balcombe images

    Just added to MCRA a collection of images from F Graham Balcombe. They have been scanned from the original 35mm negatives and show the caver, diver and family man. https://www.flickr.com/photos/mendipcaveregistryarchive/albums/72157663401984860 There are unfortunately no details with the...
  15. Sid

    Cheddar Arts Festival, Mendip

    This May bank hol its the Cheddar Arts and Fringe Festival. MCRA have been assisting one of the exhibiters and Robin Gray is also involved. All the info at http://chaff.info/