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    Harness choice

    I also found the Technibat comfortable and supportive but quite complex strap-wise, it's too much faff for a lazy person like me. It's sitting unused somewhere in my cupboard, welcome to make an offer on it and get it much cheaper than from a shop to try it out @Karstic
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    Gavel Pot / Kendal CC

    Hi Hannah, yep sure we'll sort it, we were actually chatting about doing a general TLC trip in Glasfurd's recently after re-discovering that we'd adopted a cave sometime in the forgotten past, cheers for letting us know
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    Meander Oversuits

    You can buy the Landjoff ones off their site (, they ship to the UK if you can stomach the delivery fee. I'm very pleased with my Landjoff Cordura Plus so far (6 months in).
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    Where are the young(ish) people hiding?

    I suppose times are hard and not everyone wants to fork out for an expensive cooked breakfast and £5+ pints afterwards (especially after petrol costs for the trip) which could account for less busy scenes at the cafes and pubs misleadingly making it look like there's less of a caving scene...
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    Damn, should've raided my eclectic entrances folder instead. Have at 'em, Alex
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    Hopefully an easy one, especially for those who've had chicken pox :)
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    Gilbert's Level of the Borrowdale Wad Mine to be specific 🤓
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    It is Shep! Over to Mr. Clark. Pitlamp, I haven't wandered over WR way to see what they're up to yet, I'll have to make the time one eve, looking forward to it reopening. Is it the fine folk at RR who are sorting it?
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    Xinjiang Zincography University Caving and Potholing Club :) Here we go:
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    Greensett Cave on Whernside?
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    Knee Ascender/Stairwalking SRT

    @flashheart has tried this with some disappointment a couple of times I think :)
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    Newdoar descender

    I currently have a NewDoar foot jammer, it's cheap-feeling, slow-running, the strap needed repairing after about 10 trips and it generally doesn't hold a candle to my beloved lost Pantin. I wouldn't buy again, but I'm running it til it's dead cos I'm a cheapskate. I wouldn't trust my life to...
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    CSCC May 2022 Newsletter

    I've converted the page to a PDF and attached it here for anyone struggling to read the above version on mobile. I'm absolutely unaffiliated, just trying to be useful 😉
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    Savoie caves information

    I've never been myself so can't vouch for it as a trip, but I lived in that area for a bit and have read a few bits about the Grotte de Balme above Magland (about an hour's drive away from you). It's not far from a road/parking and is used by guided adventure groups / Scouts sort of trips but...
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    Lost Pantin - Easegill

    I've stupidly shed my battered old Pantin at some point either on the High Level route between Lancaster and Stop Pot, or in the bedding between Stop Pot and Eureka Junction. If anyone comes across it, I'd be overjoyed to get it back in return for alcohol of your choice