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    Rope bags

    Hi I?m after some rope bags please 2 preferable 30L ? I want one for a 50m and 30m rope please. Thanks.
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    Plans or survey on grand Turk passage

    A few of us ucet lot went to grand Turk to climb an internal shaft to look what was above. We got up the shaft and found the shaft was rigged from above but the rope was left up. We continued on come across another man way shaft (ladders at the bottom stacked up ) but couldn?t see any rope from...
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    Dolwyddelan slate mine

    Has anyone been in this? Can it be accessed ? Can anyone show me On a map where to get it. Tia.
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    Electron ladder

    I?m after an electron ladder please all sizes considered. Close to north wales as possible. Tia
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    Hendre spa mine
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    Nadolig cave
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    milwr tunnel trip

    Visit down to the train
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    Cefyn y gyst ucet trip ( worlds end )
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    Hendre spa mine srt practise
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    Halkyn deep level ucet boat trip

    Please move to corrrct area
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    Belgrave mines ucet trip

    Please move to correct area.
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    Cabin shaft minera (worlds end ) ucet trip

    Please move it it?s in the wrong area.
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    Petzl Pompey wanted

    As above petzl Pompey wanted.
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    Nadolig cave north wales

    There?s a gap in the Audio I?m unsure why it happened when it was uploaded but enjoy.
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    Cave maps

    Where can I find on here (lodes) the maps and it drawings for the milwr tunnel in north wales please.