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  1. Vulcan

    Found - metal water bottle with no lid in titan.

    An quite dented metal water bottle with no lid. Found on the far sump extensions side of the titan boulder choke
  2. Vulcan

    Meghalaya in the news

    A nice article about the meghalaya expedition has come from the BBC. It's doesn't look too badly sensationalised having never been their. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-asia-india-43708758
  3. Vulcan

    Advice about Iceland?s lava tubes (again)

    We (Me and family) are going to be to Iceland early next year (January to march) for a few days and would like to explore a lava tube. We will be staying in the Selfoss area. Ideally we would like to avoid hiring a guide and explore it ourselves (we all cave/climb). Is there website/guide book...