25th International Conference on Subterranean Biology


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Dear Friends of Caves,

We have the pleasure to invite you to attend the 25th International Conference on Subterranean Biology that will be held in Cluj-Napoca, Romania, 18-22 July 2022.
In 1920, Emil Racovitza was invited by the Transylvanian authorities to be a professor at the newly reorganized University in Cluj. He accepted with several conditions, one of which was the founding of an Institute of Speleology under his supervision in Cluj and with its own budget. The speleological enterprise started in 1920.
After 100 years (+2 years) we are happy to invite you to Romania to show where we are, as an Institute. The conference has many facets, one encompasses the scientific and the historical dimensions and others are about the beauties of karst and caves in Transylvania, our traditions, food, and drinks.

We also invite the non-biologists, especially those interested in the karst and caves of Romania and the history of speleology to attend the last session and the one-day excursion in the most spectacular karstic region of Transylvania, the Padi? Plateau.

More information is on https://www.25icsb.com/ and at oanamol35@gmail.com.

Dr. Oana Moldovan Emil Racovita Institute of Speleology, Cluj-Napoca, Romania