A SPIDER?S THREAD OF SHINING SILVER / A Compilation of Writing by J M Boon 2016


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A SPIDER?S THREAD OF SHINING SILVER / A Compilation of Writing by J M Boon.  2016  352 pp, photos, surveys etc.  Available from the publisher Andrew Chapman:  andychapm ;) googlemail.com
Price ?30.00 + ?5.00 postage in the UK.

In the sixties I must have bumped into Mike many times on Mendip but the only occasion I can remember speaking to him is on a visit to Ingleborough Cave in September 1963.  Mike was working as a cave guide along with two 16 year old female guides.  Much to our amusement he got them to pronounce ?Gours? as  ?Jours?, so typical of Mike?s sense of humour. 

The book includes 'Down to a Sunless Sea' a classic account of Mike?s caving adventures from the 1950?s to 1963in Swildon?s, Mossdale, Ireland etc.  One of the Irish trips was a Boon classic.  He managed to burn down his tent and lose all his clothes, but he managed to borrow a set of clothes from the farmer to get home in. 

The 'Great San Agustin Rescue', is a classic.  The Poles were abseiling with ropes which were like string.  An accident occurred near the bottom of the cave and it took a week to get the poor chap out.

Other adventures include Castleguard, Escondida, Daren Cila.  Also featured are contributions from Dave Cobley, Dave Brook, Clive Gardener, Bill Steele and many more.

Bearing in mind, second hand copies of 'Down to a Sunless Sea' are going for upwards of ?70, can you afford to miss out?

Only 100 copies have been published. Once Mike gave up caving he went into charity work.  All profits from this book will go to Medicin Sans Frontiere which is Mike's chosen charity.