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Aerial Ropeways of Shropshire - Shropshire Caving and Mining Club


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Aerial Ropeways of Shropshire" by Michael Shaw, David Poyner and Robert Evans. A4 format, 68 pages, 87 photographs (35 colour), 31 maps & illustrations ?12.00 available via www.moorebooks.co.uk

Ropeways were used in the hill areas of Shropshire to carry stone, coal and ore for a variety of industries.

The publication is split into 2 sections:
East Shropshire - covering the ropeway serving the stone quarries at Catherton (on the Clee Hills), the ropeways at Bayton, Billingsley and Alverley collieries, a short lived ropeway at Cosford Waterworks plus a some
minor ropeways.

West Shropshire - concentrates on the larger ropeways carrying baryte from the Bog and Huglith mines to the mill at Malehurst. Plus details of fieldwork by the Club in plotting and excavating the remains.