Another Spain trip


Any SWCC members interested in a week-long light weight expedition to the Eastern Massif, Picos de Europa?  A few good leads to follow up but require some more manpower / cost saving.

Dates are Friday 3rd September ? to Tuesday 14th September (these are ferry dates but nothing to stop people flying out to join up mid-week)

PM for details, or via club mailing.


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I am actually doing some caving at that time across the border in Portugal, as I have transport i was thinking of maybe popping along for some of the days depending on time and how much caving I do in Portugal and how energetic im feeling. what the location your staying at?


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Phil, do you know if the White House is still being used? I know it was developed as a Refugio many years ago and just wondered if it's still going strong.

Remember our little trip there Joel?


Yes still being used as a refugio.  Never seems to many people there and bottles of coke still ridiculous price.