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BCRA AGM postponed till 13 Dec

Notice to all BCRA members

BCRA's annual general meeting, which was due to be held on Saturday 27
November, did not take place due to the snowstorm on Friday night, which
left our technical team stranded, and the venue without electrical
power. This meant that we were not even able to run it as Zoom meeting.

The AGM has been re-scheduled as a Zoom meeting for 18:45 on 13 December
immediately before our monthly IYCK seminar, which starts at 19:30. The
Zoom link will be the same as the one for the monthly seminar, so you can
join by going to https://bcra.org.uk/seminar

Members are reminded to provide their membership number using the Zoom
"chat" facility during the meeting, so we can count you towards the quorum.
The agenda papers are online at https://bcra.org.uk/agm/2021/