BCRA Cave Science Field Meeting, 2nd July 2008


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This year the BCRA are holding their first field meeting for a while in Lathkill Dale, Derbyshire, 2nd July, 10am - 3pm, the event is free.

Details are not yet on the BCRA website but here is a brief overview from the first circular I received...

The meeting will be led by Professor John Gunn, University of Birmingham and Dr. Paul Wood, Loughborough University. Whether you are an academic, an amateur scientist or a caver wanting to understand more about the Derbyshire karst, you should find this to be an enjoyably informal but informative excursion during which aspects of geology, karst geomorphology, speleogenesis, ecology and conservation will be discussed.

Participants will need to wear boots and bring full outdoor clothing for the walk down the valley, without needing underground equipment. Packed lunches should also be brought, which will be eaten at a convenient place en route. Car sharing will be arranged for those who do not wish to walk the 5km back to their car after the end of the excursion.

There will be no charge for the meeting, but intending participants should register their interest by Wednesday 25 June 2008 by email. 

PM me for the email address, initial queries by telephone or the 'Introduction to karst of Lathkill Dale' as printed in the first circular