BCRA - GPF seminar series: cave science for expedition cavers. June 12th seminar reminder!


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GPF – BCRA Seminar Series flyer.png

Next week we will be holding our next and final seminar joint with GPF for this cave science seminar series!

This will be held on Zoom on Monday 12th at 19:30 GMT+1. Professor Andrew Chamberlain will be telling us about the problems and opportunities coming from cavers encountering bones in caves, as well as best practices should you find any.
For joining instructions please scan the QR code or follow this url: https://bcra.org.uk/seminars2023.html

These seminars are aimed at any caver involved in exploring new cave passage on expeditions abroad. They are intended to be accessible to any caver regardless of academic background, and will cover the fundamental skills and knowledge required to document scientific finds on expeditions.
Everyone is welcome to join so we hope to see many of you there!