BCRA - GPF seminars: cave science for expedition cavers


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GPF and BCRA have joined forces to organise a few seminars aimed at any caver involved in exploring new cave passage on expeditions abroad. They are intended to be accessible to any caver regardless of academic background, and will cover the fundamental skills and knowledge required to document scientific finds on expeditions.

The seminars will be on Zoom on Monday evenings each month (dates below), starting at 19:30 GMT+1, and will cover the following topics:

17th April:
Talks will be on two topics: cave science from the Mulu perspective (Andy Farrant), with discussions of how to 'read' the geomorphology of cave passage, paleoclimate studies, and cave biology among other things; and on how to set up simple and inexpensive hydrological tracing experiments on caving expeditions (John Gunn).

15th May:
Jess Eades
will speak about how and why bats use caves, and she will also review bat morphology to aid species identification for karst areas on a global scale.

12th June:
Andrew Chamberlain
will outline the problems and opportunities that may arise when cavers encounter bones in caves, illustrated by case studies that provide some examples of best (and not-so-best) practice.

Details of how to join, along with more info, can be found here: http://bcra.org.uk/seminar
And also on the flyer attached below.

Hope to see many of you there!
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Excellent talk last night, thanks John and Andrew.
Will these presentations be available later as a recording for anyone who missed them?