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BCRA Online Seminar tonight - 11th October 2021


A reminder that the next BCRA online seminar is tonight, 11th October at 7.30pm

Monday 11 Oct 2021
Caves ? Celebrating the International Year of Caves and Karst

With: Andy Eavis, Gina Moseley, John Gunn, Brendan Sloan

Starting time: 19:30 BST. To join the meeting see the above section How to Join the next Meeting.

These four short lectures, first presented to a live audience at the the Royal Geographical Society in mid-September, highlight the three IYCK themes: Explore, Understand and Protect. Andy Eavis will introduce and present a brief update on the latest cave discoveries in the British Isles and worldwide. Gina Moseley will give an overview of some underground science projects. John Gunn will highlight the role of cavers in protecting and monitoring underground sites in British Sites of Special Scientific Interest. Brendan Sloan will present an overview of the outstanding, but little publicised work undertaken by the Cave Rescue Organisations.

For details of how to join please visit https://bcra.org.uk/seminars2021.html