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Best Ever Tory Leadership Song


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Had a quick look at the various candidates, as well as those who may yet enter the ring. What an interesting selection to say the least.
So came up with the following as a starter for ten. As ever thoughts, comments, and contributions welcome.



Quote from an Attila the Stockbroker fan - choosing the next Tory Leader is like choosing a portaloo on the third day of a festival, so I'd go for


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I can certainly recommend Liz Truss' promotional video, if only for the LOLs. The ambition to talent ratio is so wonky it's hilarious, and those necklines slip ever lower, presumably to 'gain traction' with a certain sector of the electorate, and which I guess includes me, on age grounds at least. But it's not working for me: https://metro.co.uk/video/liz-truss-announces-tory-leadership-bid-slick-video-2727147/

Anyway, here's some more grumpy Englishmen complaining, from a slightly more distant past: