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Book Review - A Place of Refuge: The Story of Windsor Hill Wood by Tobias Jones


Active member
2015.  Quercus ?20.00

Utopian Dream?

No, not quite. 

In 2010 Tobias Jones decamping with his Italian wife and three young children to his native Somerset  to try communal living.  Setting up home in a former quarry  master?s house, he began to clear the ten-acre site of car bumpers and broken prams and convert its outbuildings.

Here he was to set out his mission - to create a therapeutic sanctuary, a place where the dependent addicted or otherwise damaged could recover.  Is this right out of the pages of new age travellers to Glastonbury?  The rules are clear, no drugs or alcohol and all for ?20 a night, cheaper than Travelodge.   

His daughter absorb the guests? issues, sometimes hilariously. The 7 y Benny  declares she?s a lesbian anarchist atheist.


What has this got to do with caving?  He would not let me go around his caves    :mad: