Camping on NRW land, complaint received by CAL


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As a native of Caithness that the NC 500 threads through, at the start of this tourist idea the locals were keen, but as it turneed into a race to cover the 500 miles non-stop in the first couple of years, the enthusiasm diminished. Then came the motorhomes. These behemoths of the road would lumber along narrow roads refusing to give way to oncoming traffic (not a problem in Caithness where are the NC500 roads are wide). However these land giants liked to look at various attractions that meant going up single-track roads. I have experienced that on the road to Dunnet Head. But thats not the worst - the motorhomes would park up, eat sleep and throw their solid and liquid and food waste on the side of the road and carry on their merry way. They came into the county fully stocked in food so didnt spend any money, but were quite happy to leave their waste. In conclusion the NC 500 is a disaster for my County of Caithness