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Carbide Lighting


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Carbid lighting, much has been sad about it (pro/cons). But no matter what your point is about carbid it had/has it's history in caving.

To illustrate the history I would like to direct you to an article in the "Regards" magazine of the UBS-federations (French speaking Belgian federation)

Regards no 90

From page 69 and further you will find an nice article with lots of photo's about carbid lighting.


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Anyone who walks around with one of them ticking time bombs on there head must be mad !

Interesting article thanks


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My daughter Sally wearing a tickingtime bomb (taken 30 years ago). She is still with us. They are all we had on the Iran '77 trip - shameless book plug there!


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The candle powered headlamp photo on page 72 is rather interesting. I'm sure Mr. Balch would have approved!


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Přátelé u nás platí co vyhoří to se snažím zakopat a ne si na dálnici dělat vapenné skládky to nedělá dobré jméno jakémukoli Späleological Société
S pozdravem a přáním pěknéch objevu přeji Hi Dr.Camillho &Codiak