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Castleton parking restrictions


New member
Stop parking restrictions in Castleton 

Derbyshire County Council have put forward a very concerning proposal to restrict and charge for parking in the pretty village of Castleton.

Much of the village will be double yellow lined.  The parking meter bays will be short stay (max 4 hours).  This will seriously affect businesses and anyone stopping in the village.  Passing trade will be discouraged.

As a caver you probably have or plan to stop at the Technical Speleological Group hut in the future. These proposals mean that you would be prevented from access to on road parking and the short stay meters would mean that you would have to use the public car park.  This is assuming that the car park still has available spaces.

We have very little time to send in written objections 2 September 2016 so could you please send a petition round your caving club / friends and scan a copy to me ann.soulsby1@googlemail.com by 26 August 2016.

Your help is much appreciated.



Active member

I can't find anything about it online - is there a place we can send seperate written objections?