Cave art pop-up exhibition at Manchester Museum


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Hello fellow cavers - I am doing a work-in-progress exhibition in the Manchester Museum (3rd floor) on 9th May (6pm - 8:30pm) and 11th May (1pm - 3pm). If you're free and in the area - do come by!  :)

Here's the promo of the event:

Title: A glimpse into UK's hidden heritage

Caves are an integral part of the British landscape; however they don?t necessarily spring to mind when thinking about natural heritage.

The majority of our daily life is lived above ground, while entire worlds beneath our feet silently wait to be explored.

To descend into a cave means to see the rock from within; to cross the threshold and enter a place, which natural light does not penetrate. There, you will encounter streams, waterfalls, zigzagging passages, mud of diverse consistency, tight places, and canyons taller than a head torch can reach.

Join us in the Manchester Museum, where you will find drawings made on location (underground and over ground) which explore the human interaction with caves of the Peak District and Yorkshire Dales.

To get a taste of the underground environment, you will be able to listen to cave sounds and take part in a task responding to them.

This is a work-in-progress event by Dominika Wroblewska, who is working on a book hoping to prompt your curiosity about caves - hidden containers of space where deep geological time and our present time interact.

Sound piece in collaboration with Phil Wolstenholme.

Part of Heritage Futures Studio Activities and GEO Week

Free, Drop in, Adults and Families

Also, here's the GeoWeek map with lots of other activities which might be of interest:



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Two hours on a Thursday evening & a Saturday afternoon is a bit limited, are you displaying anywhere else?

Worth considering:


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Thanks Ian :)

And mikem - I know, it's a shame, I would much rather have this up for longer but this is all they could offer. At least it's a free venue though, and well known!
I won't make it to Hidden Earth unfortunately but I will be showing stuff on Cavefest. That will also include the cave sound collaboration piece.

Other than that, we're having a final MA show in October, which will be on for 2 weeks (also in Manchester) but I will send out a proper invitation closer to the date.


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You can send stuff to hidden earth without attending, if you know others who are going.