Cave on 'Breaking Dad'

Joe Duxbury

Tonight, on ITV1 at 9:30 pm: 'Bradley & Barney Walsh: Breaking Dad'. We get to see 'if Bradley can make a perilous crossing over a steep drop. And ... there are snakes and bats to welcome them to a pitch-dark cave'. Well, they could always turn their lights on. I expect they'll be given lights. Interesting that the writer of this chose to put bats with snakes into the 'dangerous/scary creatures' category.


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In the Yucatan (they also dip their toes in a cenote at the end of the programme):

BARNEY: "Oh, yes! In the second episode, we visit a cave in Mexico that’s infested with bats and snakes! The snakes hang upside down in the cave and when bats come along they swoop down and catch them. That’s how they catch their dinner. It’s very dark and cramped in there and there are a lot of bats flying around and snakes hanging about. That kind of I’m A Celebrity challenge was quite freaky for me."

BRADLEY: "I actually really enjoyed it!"

BARNEY: "I think the tables turned that day!"