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Cave Science Workshops


Staff member


If anyone would like to come that isn't yet a BCRA member it's not difficult or expensive to join, if you're already a BCA member it'll cost you up to ?17 to add on the BCRA membership and as little as ?2.50 if you're a full time student - a bargain to be able to attend these cave science workshops and all our other events :)

Andy Farrant

Active member
I'm helping to run the South Wales workshop. No prior experience of cave science or geology needed, just a willingness to observe and discuss ideas. The plan for the weekend partly depends on numbers and experience of the group, but I intend to run a trip into OFD2 to show how much we can learn about cave development and past environments just from looking at the cave and any sediments/deposits. No ropes or SRT kit required.

Sign up at:


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Hi, just wondering how is best to get to the SWCC on this weekend? My friend and I (both Imperial college caving club members) have signed up for the Biology workshop and will be travelling from London. Any help would be great! ;)


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do you have a car? if not, then organising some kind of car share with some other students from a different university would be a good idea. Reading, Oxford, Cardiff are all en route via train or bus. Get onto the CHECC facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/groups/checc/) and ask around.