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Cavers' breakfast cafés in the Western Dales


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I've just noticed on FB that Inglesport café is closed today due to staff illness. They are also closed every Monday.

Bernies is no longer open, although local rumour has it that Village Kitchen on the square might be taking it over. They don't have a lot of sit-down space where they are at the moment.

One of my caving friends only works four days a week and has Mondays free. We did Sunset yesterday, and tried for the first time G & Mo's on the Main Street in High Bentham. It was excellent: a proper Caver's breakfast, a veggie one for me. Highly recommended if Inglesport café is closed. Bentham is about 4 miles south of Ingleton and easily (resurfacing closures excepted) reached when heading NW up the A65 by turning left at Clapham.



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The place straight across the road from inglesport has done me a good brekkie as well if IS cafe unavailable. Mostly butties etc


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Yeah; I learned the trick of laying an oatcake on the plate underneath everything else many years ago when I first went caving in the Peak District. Agree; it makes for a grand breakfast.

For anyone who might want to try this; they sell those oatcakes in Booths at Settle.