caves, in devon?!


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i am sort of new to caving and knew there were caves in devon but don't really know how many (and-trying not to be rude- whether it would be worth a visit for a yorkshire caver).

met a national trust guy at the agatha chiristy house down dartmoor way and he was talking about bats in one of the buildings there, so i did the usual "where do these bats live" and the long and short of it was that there are caves in devon, but i had to leave too early to get a chance to cave :(  does anyone know where i could get info on devon caves or if i plan another visit who i could go with.

ps if this is duplicated in another thread please point me in the right direction


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ah ignore me have just spotted top 5 devon caves thread

but i did hear about a cave with something called the micrometer that sounded pretty cool


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You can see some on my web page By the Micrometer I think you mean Micron squeeze in the Wessex series of Reeds Cave part of the Baker's Pit system in Buckfastleigh - about 3-4 km of passage here. Reeds needs a leader and is closed during autumn and winter months as its a winter bat roost. Baker's is locked but you can get the key from DCUC. Afton is very sporty. Pridhamsleigh has no access restrictions but you need to pay the farmer. When I have time I will be placing photographs of other Devon caves on the page.

gus horsley

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And, being from Yorkshire, but living down here, I can say that there's several caves in Devon that are worth doing, 'cos they're different to the ones up North.


I'm working in Plymouth for a few weeks and am thinking of bringing an oversuit and lamp down. Is there a club or anyone that would be interested in a mid week evening trip? Don't know the area but heard access is a bit of an issue with gates and the like.

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Speak with the PCG. They control access to Radford cave in Plymouth, a fun little cave, keep you busy for an evening but needs a key.

Pridhamsleigh Cavern in Buckfastleigh is wide open (there is an access fee). well worth a look though. Most of the other caves need keys but if you can contact the PCG or the DSS they will sort you out. They are all really friendly down that way.  (y) (y) :hug: :beer: