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Caves of Dordogne, France


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Not the first place you would pick to go caving abroad I know, but was wondering if anyone knew of any good trips in the area especially around Sarlat.
I Have heard of Grotte des Ourtaloux.
Would like some non srt caves?

Parents are going on holiday and wanted to go caving.

cap n chris

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Get them to visit Gouffre de Padirac - it's a tourist cave but WELL worth a look. Not done any "proper" caving round Dordogne but there's loads of caves there (visited as a child and highly memorable it was too).


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Nothing exciting close to Sarlat, but there is some nice stuff further north or south of the River. Near Padirac, as recommended by Chris (& me), there are plenty of vaguely horizontal caves that are well worth doing.

Gouffre de la Saut de la Pucelle is a really nice trip indeed.


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I have a guide book "Cavernes en Perigord" by Pierre Fanlac 200 odd pages of surveys..... Cover Sarlat. lots of "modest" trips

You would be welcome to borrow it (as long as I get it back!). Email me if you want and we can arrange it

Andy Foster
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some of the world's finest caves are to be seen in the area. an ablity to breath underwater is a good prerequiste. www.lot46.com.

alternatively the place is full of showcaves. if you want dramatic go to the Padirac. if you want paintings try the Peche Merle and even the reconstruction of Lascaux. there is an excellent museum of prehistory at Les Ezies which has recently opened and is well worth a visit. In addition there are plenty of other caves in the immediate vicinity - Rouffignac is quite fun as you are never sure if the train is going to derail at any time.

the saut de pucelle is an excellent trip as described by others, one trip description: http://www.oucc.org.uk/dtt/vol14/dtt14_9.htm.

one of the Figeac clubs has a site in English: http://perso.wanadoo.fr/scf

hope this helps.