Caving Hut Tea Towel


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Those who attended Hidden Earth may have seen my caving hut illustration in the art salon. To raise money for cave rescue I am selling tea towels printed with the design. They are priced at £10 (plus P&P) each and all profits will be donated to Cave Rescue Organisation.

I sold out of my first batch but I am planning to put another order in with the printers on Monday. If anyone is interested it would be useful to know by Monday (30th October) so I know how many to order.

Thanks everybody.


P.S. Apologies to the huts I have missed. Perhaps they'll be a version two in the future which includes the omissions 🫣

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Jenny P

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I'd like one for myself and could see if other Orpheus members would like them. Obviously this would be from the next print run.

As for it being "distressed" - I think I can manage that myself thanks ;o)

Long Drop

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Hi, really like your drawings (although it looks as if swcc has been 'taken from behind'?). Please put me down for 2 tea-towels.