Caving in Climbers' Club Journals


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Unfortunately not many of the articles are online, but the Kyndwr Club Notes from 1900 onwards are by E.A.Baker:
1903 (19) p.57-63 A Day down the Dene Holes
1904 (23) p.155 Review of Moors, Crags & Caves
1904 (25) p.9-20 Cave Work in Somerset by H.E.Balch
1908 (41) p.14-22 Miniature Pot-holing Near London
1959 (84) p.362-366 A Cave on Mt. Blanc
1962 (87) p.322-328 The Carn Galver Mine
1963 (88) p.70-77 The Copper Mines of Snowdon

The Yorkshire Ramblers journals are also online & have a load of caving content, but does anyone know of other non-caving publications with articles of interest?:

FRCC Journal
The Blind White Trout of Weardale by D H Maling pp148-155.