CIC and LCMLA Award Holders - Update Workshops 2021 COVID Arrangements


Dear BCA award holder ? I am pleased to report that, despite the on-going uncertainty which surrounds when we will be able to resume training and assessment of the BCA LCMLA and CIC award schemes, QMC have developed, trialed and scheduled on-line update workshops to enable award holders to stay engaged in the scheme and keep their award current.
Should your award be approaching its expiry date, or if it expired during the past year, we would encourage you to book onto a workshop ASAP. We are aware that 2020 presented little opportunity for work underground or for personal exploration. This is recognised through reduced pre-requisite experience.
Details of booking procedure, pre-requisites and course overview can be found by referencing the online update workshop course description, found on the BCA website , or by logging onto QMS and finding a course in ?Events?.
Finally, when booking onto a course, all pre-requisite credentials need to be valid, if your award has expired, you will need to contact the training administrator so that she can enable the process.

Wishing you all well.

Juliet Parker-Smith (QMC chair)