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Clothing items at the NPC


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On Wednesday (10th November) I found several items, soaking wet, on the bench next to the front door at Greenclose. These are:

1 x black "Trespass" waterproof jacket
set of black thermals (the top has a hood)
1 x neoprene knee pad

I thought they might belong to a student in the ULSA group who stayed there last weekend. ULSA folk have been alerted but no-one's come forward so far.

I've dried these items and have stashed them inside the hostel. If the owner(s) would like to PM me we can sort out getting them back to you.


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Grand. If it turns out that any items are unclaimed, perhaps they can be got back from Leeds to Greenclose subsequently?

(I slightly wonder if these might belong to someone who was staying shortly beforehand in mikem's group.)