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Collecting a lot of rope!


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Tim was busy organising scaffolding (up a house rather than down a dig for once!) so I was given the task of driving down to SpanSet, measuring over 1500m of rope into the appropriate lengths and getting it back home in time for collection last Thursday. The Cambridge were off on expedition on the Friday  - seem to be a lot of tight deadlines this year in the annual expedition rope sponsorship  :eek:

OK, I'll admit, I wasn't looking forward to measuring out all that rope so was chuffed to hear Jack at SpanSet had done it for me - thank you, Jack (y)

A couple of photos of a lot of rope being transported on a pallet truck in cardboard boxes to my car then handed over with a hearty handshake to Tom of CUCC.  Hopefully by now it's in tackle sacks or rigged on newly found pitches  ;)



Thank you, once again to Pete Ward and SpanSet for their continued support of caving  (y) (y)