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Wishing all cavers a very Merry Christmas and the Happiest of New Years


Staff member

Wishing all cavers a merry Christmas and the very best for 2022.

Thank you to every forum member who has posted, liked, shared posts and generally contributed to UKC - without you, there is no forum  (y) (y)  To those who lurk (hello), come on, please don't be shy, come and join us  :hug:

Thank you to the UKC Moderation Team - we couldn't do it without you  :clap: :clap:

..and thank you to Q - who has been working hard behind the scenes, folks brace yourselves because change is coming!!  :eek:  ;)

Whatever you are up to over the new few days, I hope it brings you joy (even if your brother did test positive, which messed up Christmas plans - Badlad and I will have a lot of turkey to get through  :LOL:

With love, Pegasus.. and a hearty handshake from Badlad  ;)


T pot 2

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Thank you pegasus, seasons greetings
to you and all of the contributers to UK caving, cave safe, enjoy the underground
T pot


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I found that celebrating New Year on March 21st was so much better in every respect that I can't go back now. So I'm doing some layout work tonight :)